Developing Soccer/Football Self Confidence

A confident player will always perform better than a player low on confidence. One of the most important elements in delivering a successful soccer performance is the player’s level of self-confidence. There are many characteristics which reflect a player’s confidence and this can be observed during training and games through their overall application, body language and verbal, hopefully encouraging comments towards team mates and coaching staff.

The following points are key indicators to the coach or manager that a player is performing in a confident state.

  • Self-belief – Strikers telling everyone that they are going to score, goalkeepers saying they are going to keep a clean sheet.
  • Application. By projecting a positive image from when they first arrive at training or a match to when they leave, setting an example with good body language, encouragement to all, listening at all times, by discouraging miss-behaviour and negative talk.
  • All players at any level, from local junior leagues to professional football must enjoy playing regardless of what is at stake. It is especially of paramount importance that young players have fun in competition and training. A confident player will have a smile on their face and be bubbly.
  • Coaches and Managers must make it clear to the players at the earliest possible stage of development that they should not be worried about personal performances or losing matches. A confident player will ask for advice
  • A confident player with have several mannerisms that a coach or manager should be able to identify, a confident player will act calm, composed, concentrated, dedicated, and have high self-control.
  • Individual and group discussions are an important element in coach / player relations. Confidence building talks and small comments will always leave a lasting impression. Players will soon learn to accept themselves for the way they are whilst identifying and understanding their strengths and weaknesses as part of their development.

These characteristics may be gained through good coaching and management of players and are essential for a player to succeed in soccer.

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