Rugby Line Out Drills

A line-out occurs when the ball goes out of play. The following drills and practices help a team develop skills to win the lineout including lifting where safety is essential.


Basic Lineout with Drive

This drill shows two options for practising a lineout, a quick pass to the second man and a catch and drive.

Lineout with Lift

This is the first step to the lineout.

Lineouts are only allowed in under16’s rugby and onwards.

  • The lifters must face the jumper and have to coordinate the jump and decide how much height the lift has.
  • Their job once the player is in the air is to hold him there, until the ball is thrown in.
  • Once the player has lifted up, the lifters should step in, this makes it easier to support him, with the elbows locked.
  • The lifters must then control the descent down.
  • The catcher must drive upwards, keep his eyes on the ball, catch it, and then offload it to one of the support players on the ground.
  • The support players on the ground who do not receive the ball should be alert and ready and should be able to react to any situation.

The Quad Drill

The See-Saw Drill

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