Sports Coaching

Sprint Training Programs

Here we outline sprint training programs for short and long sprint races suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. Junior 100m/200m Sprint Training Program A 52-week training programme suitable for a junior sprinter training approximately three times a week who would be aiming to run 100m at 12.2 seconds (male); 13.2 seconds (female) and 200m …

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Rules Of Tennis

The standardisation of the rules of tennis is the responsibility of the ITF. Broadly speaking it is a very simple game to get to grips with. Here is a very basic beginners guide to the rules to help you get started: The Basics Tennis is played either 1v1 (singles) or 2v2 (doubles). The teams will be …

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Football Goalkeeping Drills

Goalkeeping drills

The following soccer drills are specifically aimed at improving goalkeeping skills and goalkeeper training. The goalkeeper is often overlooked in training sessions and setting up some specific goalkeeping drills will build confidence and help the goalkeeper feel valued. Catching and Throwing Players cross the ball in high from different angles and the keeper must catch …

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Discus Throwing

Here we explain the basics of discus throwing technique as well as number of practice drills which break the skill down into smaller managable parts which are easier to learn and perfect. Four sets of related drills created by throws coach John Painter can be performed pretty much anywhere and build technique and strength. Introduction …

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Hammer Throwing

Hammer throwing

The hammer throw technique is quite different to all the other throws. It is a rotaitonal technique where the thrower aims to turn in the circle with gradually increasing speed with the elite throwers managing four turns before releasing. Throws coach John Painter has broken down the technique into four drill sets making it easier …

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Basketball One On One Games

The one-on-one section will help players learn how to cope with a one-on-one situation from both an attacking and defending point of view. Shoot the Banker The aim is to improve offensive moves, and the bank shot. Player 1 starts near the corner and is offensive. Player 2 is defensive and stands near player 1. …

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Basketball Defence Drills

The Defense section will help improve your game when you do not have possession of the ball. Jump to the Ball The aim is to improve defensive positioning. Start with 2 offensive players at the top of the key, one either side and 2 more offensive players in the wing positions. Defenders start by the …

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Basketball Handling Drills

Improve your ball control with our 8 Basketball Ball Handling Drills. Each drill has a video demonstration, organisational instructions, and coaching points. Control your Moves The aim is to improve control and handling, dribbling. The player starts by dribbling forward 3 to 5 bounces. On the last bounce, the player stops, catches the ball in …

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